Decking Products and Meterials

Decking Products and Materials

Your deck will be constructed from only the highest quality materials supplied from well managed timber industries. You will be given a choice of:

A standard deckboard is 35mm (1.3/8") thick x 95mm (4") wide. We use an American flat-board system that incorporates a unique hidden fixing system. This product, especially imported from the USA enables the deckboards to be invisibly fastened; no unsightly nails or screws will be seen and in turn that ensures there is no water ingress into the timbers through the nails or screw holes. In effect the life span of your deck is lengthened by the use of our clipping system, and it is more pleasing to the eye. We also use specially manufactured stainless steel legs to support all posts, so no timber is actually in contact with the ground, together with landscape fabric and peagravel beneath the deck to remove the threat of further growth... this in effect creates a "clean area".

highest quality decking  materials